La Tur, revisited.

I was craving cheese. Yep, it does happen. Although I’m surrounded by cheese for work, It happens more than you would think! Delicious salty goodness, how could I not? I’m sure by now I have rennet in my DNA. So with cheese on mind plus a upcoming tasting event, it made for an easy excuse a stop at my local cheese shop. I picked out a few for tasting notes, aged cheddar, a washed rind, a blue…the usual suspects..but I wanted something a little special for me. After a quick glance around the store, I saw the La Tur and knew it was coming home with me. It’s one of those cheeses you really can’t stop eating, gone the next day. It’s soft, gooey natural wrinkled rind and creamy cake-like paste makes me weak in the knees. Produced in the Piedmont region of Italy by Caseificio Dell Alta Langa. Sourcing milk from local farmers, the creamery specializes in soft, mixed milk and robiola style Italian cheeses. La Tur is made from cow, sheep and goats milk and aged for only 10 days. It’s flavors are light and delicate, creme fraiche yet this wonderful mushroom, grassy, zesty zing. I let mine sit out for about 30 minutes before I dived in. Knife in one hand and a chunk of crusty bread in the other. It was all that I hoped it would be. La Tur is delicious by itself but best enjoyed with a friend and a glass of wine. Would pair wonderfully with fresh figs, dates or marmalade.

    LaTur-copy la-tur latur