Intuition. A Rant.

Amber has a problem making up her mind. It’s kind of interesting yet completely stupid the more I think about it. I will use my current adventure in phone shopping as an example. My cell phone is on it’s last leg. My plain is up for a renewal, fantastic! Tons of new phones coming out, great! My first impulse is I want the new Iphone, but it’s pricey and I don’t have money to toss around. So I look into other phones, I research for days and slightly obsess about it for a minute or two until ultimately I go back to what I originally wanted. Of course I don’t want to be a impulse buyer, I want a good bang for my buck but sometimes it doesn’t matter what it is or the price. Something simple as Dinner- Let’s say I want pizza, 30 minutes later I think “well maybe I want Thai, do I really want Thai?” Sure enough I always go back to the first thought and if I didn’t have that I wish I had. I find that the things I really want to do..being creative, expressing myself, I start to second guess myself and It feels like I’m holding myself back. So why do I play this game when I should just trust myself from the beginning and go for what I really wanted from the start. This over analogizing has to go. Note to self: Chill out, go with your gut.