Let’s start from the beginning.

I didn’t grow up eating great food to say the least. I was the typical poor middle class kid who ate fast food almost every night and disliked anything that looked strange without even trying it. My only knowledge of cheese was that in came in individual slices wrapped in plastic. It’s wasn’t until my late teens that I needed a job and found out that most cafes would hire anyone regardless of age or experience. Quickly I was put to work slinging espresso to morning commuters and washing dishes and that’s where my culinary adventure started.

Fast forward through a prep job, a minimum wadge garde manager gig, I was now 20 and finally was making enough as a line cook to pay rent and eat out once and awhile. So I set my sights on the coveted “Patina” and that’s were I had my first introduction to real cheese and a having a cheese cart course. From there I wanted to try every cheese I saw and learn as much as I could. They say you always remember your first.. So that’s where I will start!


Spain’s answer to the classic goat’s milk log Bucheron from France. Made by Joaquin Villanueva Casado, whose creamery is located in the town of Ambasmestas north of Madrid, the cheese is made from Murciano-Granadina goats milk then lightly dusted with ash and aged for only one month. During that short aging process a beautiful bloomy white mold covers the dark ash and isn’t revealed until you cut into the cheese itself. Smooth in texture, the flavors are vibrant and bright. Lemon, white pepper, cream with a the earthy undertone from the ash make this cheese complex and fun. I don’t really see this cheese often. Small production, large demand? Not really sure but If you see it, snag it up. Keep it simple- less if more people, don’t over complicate it with crazy jams. Enjoy it as is. Come on, look at this photo below. It’s beautiful!

César Sánchez - Elaboración de los quesos Veigadarte en Ambasmestas (León).