dog park sunbather

At this point I’m 99.9% sure you don’t even have a dog.. But every day you show up in pink shorts, unfold your lawn chair by the urine soaked grass, romantic love novel in hand and bask your gray hairy chest in the sun. 

salon on wheels

Heading off to work in her m3 convertible. Casual business attire, dirty blonde hair. Light turns red, applies mascara in rear view mirror. Light turns green, done in time. Traffic moves slowly..applies lipstick.. traffic slows to a halt. Barley paying attention..breaks..lip stick up the side of her cheek. Spends the next two red lights whipping cheek with a paper napkin. Priceless. As good a morning coffee.

hairy bicyclist

Cycling laps around the reservoir. Cheetah print biker shorts, teal tank top and 3 inch deep leg and back hair. Mega headphones on with music blasting. Smile from ear to ear. Priceless.