the russian couple

He is in his mid 60’s. He on the shorter side, a little chubby..Short white/gray hair. Always wears a dark grey suit and black sunglasses (even inside the restaurant he wears his sunglasses) He’s wife..I think she is his wife anyways is in her mid to late 30’s. Tall, pretty, dark brown hair, always pulled back and she wears tasteful women’s business suits. They never come together. He always arrives before her. He waits for her to pick the table. She always kisses him on the head and caresses his neck. Minimal conversation..always order the same thing.. buffalo mozzarella arugula prosciutto salad…after there meal they order espresso..she  puts the suger into his coffee and will stir it for him and then he drinks it ..they say thank you very much and go on there way


Alright so here I go.. I’m officially popping my blog cherry. Welcome, Welcome. Here I will spew out the random non sense in my head and things I enjoy out here into the digital world. Grammar and proper punctuation’s – need not apply. I will try my best. Enjoy.